Awards & Grants


Korean American Foundation Hawaii (“Foundation”) mission is to promote Korean culture, heritage and history; enhance and encourage educational and community activities to benefit people who are interested in Korean culture, heritage and history; and annually commemorate the January 13, 1903 arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States and Hawaii.



  • The Foundation will fund a limited number of projects that advance our mission. Grants are for a one year term. It must only be used for the purpose stated in the grant award letter.
  • Applicants must be a Hawaii based non-profit organization in existence for three years with a record of service to the community
  • Projects must have relevance to the Korean community in Hawaii.
  • Foundation will award no more than one grant to an applicant at a time and no more than one grant in any calendar year.
  • Foundation does not serve as the sole funder of any applicant and generally does not serve as the sole funder for any project. Request may not exceed 50% of the project budget.
  • Foundation will not accept incomplete applications or applications from applicants with overdue final reports.
  • All previous grants must be completed with the submission of a final report before an applicant is eligible to apply for a new grant.
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